One Contagious Passion

Sherry Moorhead, Director of Volunteers, NewSpring Church

Within Us February 3, 2011

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I’ve been involved here at NewSpring Church for 11years.   It’s been an amazing journey to say the very least.  I remember Perry asking my husband and me if we would clean the bathrooms, empty trash, and pick up after church on Sundays.  That’s when it all changed for me.  This ignited a passion in me I did not know existed.  I was a part of something so much bigger than myself.  I did not understand at this time that this action of serving was a call on my life.  I just thought I was helping Pastor P out by doing this.  I had never felt more alive.  I loved having a responsibility in the big picture of making NewSpring happen each week.  We got more and more involved and we began to grow more and more in our walks with the Lord.   There is something so life-changing in being an active part of the body of Christ. How sweet is Jesus to allow me, to allow us, this opportunity to represent Him.

Ephesians 3:20 “Now glory be to God!  By his mighty power at work within us, he is able to accomplish infinitely more than we would ever dare to ask or hope.”


Here we are 11 years later, having had a Sunday of  18,000 people stronger.  Do you guys understand how not normal this is; 413 people saying out loud “Jesus Christ is my Lord”and then being baptized just within the past two weeks?  Yesterday I read a blog by a pastor in California who is moving to Anderson, SC to volunteer at NewSpring church.  Already over 2200 church leaders from around the world are signed up to attend Unleash in March. People are experiencing healing in our church like never before.  It’s amazing what God can do in your life, in your family, and in His church when we choose to believe in the power at work within us. I pray daily that God will use me in His church where I can bring Him the most glory. I am no longer going to pray this just for me, but for each of you as well. May we all be desperate for His direction and available whenever forwhatever.

This Sunday is super bowl weekend and I tell you this Saturday and Sunday at church is going to be so much better than any football game or super bowl commercial.  Let’s be praying for life-change and arrive filled with anticipation for the “infinitely more than we would ever dare to ask or hope”.  You really do not want to miss this message. Come prepared to have your world rocked!  Remember the services are Saturday night at 4pm and 6pm and Sunday morning at 9:15am and 11:15am.  There are no Sunday night services.

I am so honored to serve beside each of you and blessed to get to continue on this glorious journey of opportunities to honor the Lord with you.  “NOW GLORY BE TO GOD!”



Give up your jacket! February 3, 2010

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A letter for our amazing volunteers!  You are the sermon illustration!

Hello NewSpring,

Greetings to my Christian Brothers and Sisters at NewSpring Church. I am e-mailing you for a couple of reasons. First, I wanted to let you know that I am absolutely amazed at what God is doing through you NewSpring in South Carolina and really around the world. I am a Pastor from North Florida and have attended now two of your services. One at your Anderson Campus at Christmas time in 2008 and the most recent was at the Bi-Lo Center for your 10th Anniversary Celebration.

Secondly, as all of you know it was a cold and rainy day that Sunday and my wife and I and our three girls along with my bro and Sis-n-law (the two by the way are NewSpring faithful attenders at Anderson) were one of the first ones in line that day probably only about 40 or so feet from the doors, which meant we were in line for a long time. After a little while a greeter named Michael Pruitt came by and greeted us and chatted with us for a while and seen that my 14 year old daughter Kayla was cold so he took off his own jacket and gave it to her to wear as she stood in line. He would come by and check on us about every 20 minutes or so and even took her with him and his wife for a while to meet and greet others.

I never told him that I was a Pastor but I was so impressed, that I used him as an illustration on Wednesday while teaching on our callings. Michael was positive, energetic, truly wanted to be there and loves Jesus, NewSpring, and people. Here’s a man that exemplifies what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Someone please let him know how much my family appreciates what he does.

You guys absolutely rock and keep up the good work for the kingdom of God! What a tremendous amount of people that came forward to receive Christ…with that said, “The Best Is Yet to Come!”

God Bless,



Bi-Lo Center 10th Anniversary Service

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Hello Bilo Center Volunteers,

“Sunday morning while out at a parking garage waiting for the last shuttle run to pick me up and take me to the service. A minivan pulled up next me on the street and rolled down its window. A man asked me” what’s going on down here today?”. I replied with excitement in my voice and rain running down my face” were having church today!”. He asked ” what’s the occasion?” and I said” its our 10th anniversary so were packing out the bilo center! We bused our Florence and Columbia campuses in and our greenville and anderson campuses are here to celebrate and worship together as one!” the man said ” well that’s cool, so what’s the name of your church?”at which I said” newspring!” the man went silent for a moment and as tears began to flow from his eyes he said ” your the church that came to my kids school… And they washed my sons and daughters feet and put new shoes on them!” I was speechless! He then humbly asked” can me and my kids sit in on your service today?”. And as I choked back my own tears I said ” of course, there’s plenty of room for you and your family!” so I found him a parking spot and helped him and his kids catch the last shuttle to the service. I didn’t see him again, but as I walked towards the bilo center from the garage with the rain still coming down the Holy Spirit reminded me saying ” this is why we do church!”. I praise God that he allows me to be a small part of the great work that he is doing through newspring. He will build his church!” – NewSpring parking team volunteer

We are still talking about the amazing experience at the 10th Anniversary celebration.  We continue to hear comments, receive e-mails and letters about the amazing day and the wonderful volunteers!  We can’t thank you enough for your service that day as we did our best to make the name of Jesus famous.  If you haven’t watched the service on line yet, it is well worth your time to see it again.  Go to and enjoy!

There were lots of pictures taken that day as some were shown during this past Sunday’s service.  We had one picture in particular that seemed to capture the moment.  It is a photo showing the magnitude of the facility filled to the rim!  We had copies made of this picture and have one for each of you!  We hope you will keep this as a reminder of what God is doing right in front of our faces.  If you will go to VHQ (Volunteer Headquarters) this Sunday you can pick up a copy.  We can’t stop looking at it.  To think that THIS was our Church service still blows our minds.  We can’t forget this and all that it stood for!  ONE Church!

Thanks again to each of you.  The Best is Yet to Come!

See more pictures here


More Unleash 2010 January 11, 2010

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Unleash 2010 is almost here.  We are gearing up with all the details and are anticipating a sold out crowd.  Check out Perry’s blog and here for more details and information. Keep in mind the early bird deadline is Jan 31st.

We cannot wait to serve you!


Unleash 2010 January 5, 2010

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Unleash 2010 is only two months away and we are excited out of our minds.  This conference is going to minister and touch the lives of 3000 church leaders from around the world through you.  When you serve you’re not just filling a spot you are an image bearer of Jesus Christ.  You are setting the example of what it means to truly love as Christ loves.  You are being the hands and feet of Jesus.  These leaders will take home with them your servants heart and apply it to their church body.  You’re impacting the world for Jesus!

“volunteers — who gave us the warmest greeting I’ve ever experienced ANYWHERE in my whole life… They cheered us into the church, as if we were Green Bay Packers, or the Pope, or somebody special like that!!”

“…the New Spring Volunteers are the best I’ve seen this year without question.”

“These people were remarkable in their attention to conference guests; offering their services; asking if they could assist in anyway; being mindful where you were; and always having authentic and genuine smiles and welcoming you with every word. It was a first and fantastic experience for me. This was the most hospitable church and welcoming people I have ever met.”

“I was served. The volunteers were awesome! I wanted for nothing. Except Benadryl. I was not prepared for the pollen attack … So my friend and I went searching for Benadryl. A NewSpring volunteer gave me a children’s dose out of her own purse and another volunteer went to the store and bought me a whole box! Thank you! “

These are just a few comments from Unleash attendees from the past three years.  Let’s blow their minds more this year than ever before.  Unleash is on March 4th and we are ready to get you signed up to serve with us on that day.  So mark your calendar and get ready for the most amazing day of your life.  To sign up go to this link and fill out the form then click submit.  There are opportunities to help set up three days before as well as shift times the day of.  Brace yourself for a life changing service experience.  It’s incredible how God touches the hearts and lives of those who selflessly serve and love others.  I look forward to serving beside all of you at Unleash 2010.  —


Opportunity ahead December 17, 2009

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Over 90 people accepted Jesus this past Sunday at NewSpring.  Do you all realize how not normal this is?  Really!  I was sitting in the back of the auditorium during the 6pm service and was just overwhelmed at the response to the invitation.  I watched young teens lead the way to the front of  the stage with their parents to follow a few minutes later.  One elderly lady stepped out into the aisle with her walker and made her way down front.  God is so good!  He is doing incredible things through so many people in this church.

Thank you to all of the amazing volunteers who serve each week.  Weather you are in the office bundling invite cards or parking cars on Sunday, your part in the body of Christ is impacting thousands every week.

There are so many opportunities to serve coming up over the next month.  Here are just a few that you may want to take advantage of.

  • Sunday, Dec 20th  (from 8am-1pm and 3pm-8pm) – bundling invite cards will be underway in the office area.  Email to volunteer.
  • Monday, Dec 21st – morning of  Wednesday, Dec 23rd – Bundling more invite cards and setting up for Christmas Eve Services.  Email to volunteer.
  • Christmas Eve Services — Wednesday, December 23rd @ 4PM and 6PM —Thursday, December 24th @ 10AM, 2PM, and 4PM.  Simply go to this link and fill out the sign up form and submit to serve with us.
  • Monday, January 4, 2010 — Wednesday, January 6th (from 9am until 5pm) – we will be taking Christmas Decorations down and moving them all back to storage.  Email to volunteer.
  • Our NewSpring 10 Year Anniversary Service @ the BiLo Center in Greenville, SC – Sunday, January 24, 2010 -.  To join us in serving as we celebrate simply go to this link and fill out the brief form and hit submit.

Thank you for you!  I look forward to serving alongside all of you.  How blessed we are to have such incredible opportunity to make His name famous One life at a time.  Love you guys!


NewSpring 10th Anniversary Service

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Where will you be on Sunday, January 24, 2010?  Hopefully with us at the Bi-Lo center celebrating what God has done here at NewSpring over the past 10 years.  It blows my mind to think that it’s been 10 years since we were worshiping in the Sullivan building at Anderson University.  Thousands of people have crossed over from death to life.  God has used each of you to minister to thousands of people in so many different ways.  NewSpring would not be here if it were not for each of you.  We are the body of Christ and it takes each of us moving together to make this body alive, healthy, growing, and full of love.  This will be the first time we get to bring all four campuses together to worship and God will be honored.  Can you just imagine 15,000 people standing and singing together, 400 ushers showing attendees to a seat, 200 greeters saying hello at all the entrances, and 100 parkers directing traffic?  Oh sweet Jesus!  I look forward to worshiping alongside all of you.

We want to invite all volunteers from all campuses and all areas of ministry to come together to serve with us on this day.  To join us in serving as we celebrate simply go to this link and fill out the brief form and hit submit.

We will train and equip all of you to serve in the areas of opportunity on this Sunday.  We will have a briefing with all volunteers the day before and all volunteers will be asked to arrive on location the morning of the 24th around 7:45ish.  You will get more details about all of this after you sign up.